Fridge & Freezer Storage

Shop for fridge storage. Keep your food fresh and your fridge tidy with our handy storage ideas.

Decor Dressing Tubs 35ml Set of 6
(gst incl.)
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The Decor Dressing Tubs allow you to keep salad dressings separate until you are ready to eat. They fit in any lunchbox and are also useful for sauces, butter, pickles and jam. Also handy for storing small items used for crafts, hobbies, DIY and also as pill boxes. Set of 6 *Colours may vary to those pictured
Linus Fridge Tray Medium
(gst incl.)
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An innovative storage solution made from clear resipreme with chrome accents.  Stackable for efficiency and to create additional fridge or storage space.  Bins can slide on top of each other offering stacked space saving benefits. 5 H x 20 W x 37 D cm
Mesh Produce Bags Set of 5
(gst incl.)
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Mesh Produce Bags help eliminate the need for plastic bags and are great for both produce shopping and storage. The mesh fabric allows for easy identification of contents and provides excellent air circulation. You can hang full bags on hooks by the drawstring for extra pantry space. Mesh bags work well for refrigerator storage of thick skinned produce like apples, oranges and cucumbers.
Stay Fresh Mat
(gst incl.)
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Preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator by encourage air circulation and dryness in the fridge. EU/USA FDA approved food grade material. Made in Belgium Size : 47 x 30cm (Can be cut to size)
Tellfresh 2L Jug
(gst incl.)
Decor Tellfresh storers are known for their quality, functionality and affordability. There’s an extensive range of useful shapes and sizes. Being stackable, you can arrange them so your pantry, fridge or freezer is neatly organised. BPA free plastic. Fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe. Marked with graduated measurements.