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Getting organised is made easier with our range of bins, craft & storage boxes. Find a home for everything both small & large at Storage Box.

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This versatile clear clip lid organiser could be easily adapted for fishing tackle, craft items or tools. It has removable dividers allowing you to vary your compartment sizes.  A central button in the lid allows you to lock it.  Being constructed from heavy plastic it is a very sturdy unit.

7.5 H x 46 W x 31 D cm

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These handy stackable bins create an open front storage solution for the kitchen, laundry, garage or shed.  Pack away your extension cords, gardening tools, power tools or your car cleaning products.  Ideal for standing in the bottom of the pantry for storing onions or potatoes. Another style is available in bright colours ideal for childrens rooms.

32 H x 49 W x 38 D cm 

Bins sold individually.

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This clear A4 10 litre document box is ideal for keeping important documents sorted or packing away treasures.  It has a sturdy moulded lid with two clip closures.  A perfect container to store your wills, insurance policies or contracts.

16 H x 20 W x 30 D cm

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These clear filing boxes with lids are designed to fit foolscap folders.  Store away the overflow from your office or pack away old treasures for safe keeping.  The contents of these boxes can be easily viewed even when stacked. The snug fitting lid ensures they seal tightly.

27 H x 45 W x 29 D cm