About us

Where Are We

Storage Box have 14 locations through-out New Zealand. We are the largest group of Home Organisation Specialists stores in the country. We stock over 4,000 products and can be easily recognized by our striking purple and green colours.

Who are we

Storage Box stores are individually owned. That means our customers always deal with someone who has a personal interest in your requirements. We also belong to a single buying and marketing group, which means that we always have access to new exciting products and storage concepts, and at very affordable prices.

Storage Solutions

Our customers are always surprised at the range of products we stock. We stock and sell an extensive range of plastic, wireware, chrome and stainless steel products and because we don’t limit our customer’s choice, we also have some fantastic natural products from seagrass to wicker to timber.

New Stores

We have exciting opportunities for new storeowners to open stores in New Zealand or buy an existing store. If you want to know more about Storage Box, or you are thinking about owning your own business, please contact our Support Office on (09) 271 1025.