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Bottle Brush Eco Basics
The long handle gets down to the base of tall bottles, while the soft bristles clean without scratching. The large round head compress down to enter narrow bottles and the sturdy wire frame allows bending during use.
Dish Brush Eco Basics
The long handle and tapered head means your hands need not get wet. The flat end of the brush is perfect for chiselling off burnt on mess. The bristles will not scratch non-stick cookware. Made from bamboo handles and recycled plastic.
Dustpan and Brush Eco Basics
This stylish and functional set includes one dustpan and one bamboo handled brush with soft recycled nylon bristles and a hemp loop.Handles clip together for compact storage. A rubber lip on the dustpan helps to pick up even the smallest particles.
Dustpan: 22cm x 32cm | Brush: 7cm x 29cm
Pot Brush Eco Basics
Made from bamboo, firm recycled nylon bristles and a hemp loop. The door knob design handle makes gripping and scrubbing easy, while the bristles are strong enough to scrub but will not scratch non-stick surfaces
Vegetable Brush Eco Basics
Stylish & functional design. Made from bamboo, soft recycled nylon bristles and a hemp loop. The ring design fits perfectly in the hand and makes scrubbing dirt and pesticides a breeze without damaging the skin of the fruit or vegetable.