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Elfa Easy Hang Top Track is the backbone of our Elfa shelving and drawer system. It is the only component that is mounted to the wall.

Exceptionally durable epoxy-bonded steel construction

A Top Track is the only component of an Easy Hang solution that is mounted to the wall

Top Tracks can be cut to any length

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Complete your customized Elfa solution with our Elfa Top Track Covers.

It slips easily between the grooves of your Platinum Elfa Easy Hang Top Track to cover the screw head holes for a more tailored appearance. 

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Elfa Ventilated Shelves come in three convenient depths and four convenient lengths. You'll be able to find just the one that fits your space.

Use the 30cm depth for hall closets, children's closets and shallow pantry storage. The 40cm depth is ideal for linen closets or standard closet storage. The 50cm depth is perfect for garage storage shelving or wherever deep shelving is desired. Two Elfa Ventilated Shelf Brackets are required to support every 900mm of ventilated shelf length

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GST included

The elfa Wall Bands are designed to be attached directly to doors and walls without the addition of the Top Track. As such they are required to be screwed into place, in the pre made screw holes along the wall band. Available in both White and Platinum  Two Wall Bands can also be lined up evenly with a spirit level & bolted into place. You can then add all other elfa items depending on the distance between the Wall Bands.

Screws required for those are as follows: 316mm - 2 screw holes 636mm - 3 screw holes 956mm - 3 screw holes 1276mm - 4 screw holes 1596mm - 5 screw holes 1916mm - 5 screw holes 2236mm - 6 screw holes

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