Sistema 4 Pack 1.2L Food Storer Sistema - 1
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Sistema 4 Pack 1.2L Food Storer

With the Quik Clik Seal™, TakeAlongs® lids click into place letting you know when contents are secured. The lids have ridges for easy stacking, and the bases have graduation marks for handy measuring. Safe to use in the microwave and freezer, the TakeAlongs® lid design allows you to worry about one less thing. If you hear the click, you know your seal is secure. TakeAlongs® can easily be washed by hand using hot soapy water, and it’s safe in the dishwasher top rack.


This pack contains 4 of the 1.2L Deep Squares in one handy pack.


Designed and Made in New Zealand.
Phthalate & BPA Free

$8.49 GST included

$7.38 GST excluded

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