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Hamper 50L White Pattern
$29.99 -10%
(gst incl.)
(4,5/5) on 2 rating(s)
This laundry hamper with its weaved pattern makes it a stylish bathroom, laundry or ensuite accessory.
It has a large 50L holding capacity and keeps all your laundry out of sight with its fitted lid. 

43 W x 33 D x 55 H cm
Pastiche Laundry Hamper Small
(gst incl.)
(4/5) on 3 rating(s)
This extremely stylish large black hamper will compliment the bathroom, ensuite or laundry of any home.  It has a lift up lid with a fabric lining. Available in White, Black and Opononi
55 H x 36 W x 26 D cm
Taurus Laundry Hamper White
(gst incl.)
(5/5) on 3 rating(s)
This sturdy strong white laundry hamper is ideal for using in the bathroom, ensuite, wardrobe or laundry. It has strong handles to assist with lifting.
53 H x 490 W x 440 D cm