Bottles & Jars

Sauce Bottle 500ml with Cap
Ideal for dispensing sauce, toppings, mayo and other condiments. Made in NZ with food grade plastic. 
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Spice Jar 100ml
This glass jar with coloured sheath is perfect for spices. The easy view pane in the front allows you to view the contents easily. 

Available in three colours - red, black and white. Sold individually.
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Spice Jar 80ml
Featuring a Clip-top Cap this little Jar is perfect for spices, herbs, and other seasonings. They're also ideal for storing small items like office supplies or craft and sewing notions.
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Trigger Spray Bottle 500ml
This plastic spray bottle is perfect for the bathroom, laundry, home, office or commercial use. The nozzle is adjustable, so you can control the intensity of the spray.
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