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Organise your laundry, Huge selection of laundry ideas available in a variety of styles and patterns at Storage Box.

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  • $26.99

    This chrome over the door hook rack is ideal for hanging towels, coats, hats or scarves.  It easily fits over the door with padded backing to avoid any damage to surfaces.  Ideal for the laundry, bathroom, or even the wardrobe door. 34 H x 50 W x 9 D  cm    

  • $16.99

    This clear moulded acrylic squeegee is ideal for cleaning the tiles or glass after showering to help stop the build up of mould in your bathroom.  This could also be used for cleaning condensation from your house windows during the winter months. Easy application, suction attachment, no hardware needed.  21 H x 20.5 W x 2 D cm

  • $4.49

    This practical 100ml atomiser plastic bottle has endless uses. With a removable screw cap and an atomiser spray,  it is Ideal for filling with your favourite perfume, body spray or spritzer for a quick freshen up during the day. Ideal for travelling or in your handbag for personal hygiene products. 100 ml

  • $9.99

    This all purpose caddy is a great portable solution for cleaning, gardening, craft, and bath supplies. 41cm 

  • $14.99

    This useful broom and mop holder is designed to fit inside a 600mm cabinet.  It can be fixed to the wall so that you are able to access your cleaning equipment readily.   28 H x 35.5 W x 10 D cm

  • $13.99

    This over the door drying rack is perfect for apartment living or the small laundry area.  It is poly coated and can be collapsed when not in use.   61 W x 51 D cm  

  • $12.99

    A super little wash up gadget, Dispenses detergent with the press of a button. Durable bristles. Easy to hold!

  • $12.99

    A definite must-have in any home or office, these convenient and sturdy foldable step stools are lightweight and easy to store.  They easily fold flat for hassle-free storage and come with a built-in carry handle for convenient portability.

  • $1.99

    Our funnels make filling bottles and jars neat and easy. Durable Polypropylene Diameter 13cm

  • $6.99

    A great way to hang your sweaters or cardigans without those peg marks.  Simply hooks onto your clothesline.

  • $9.99

    This ironing board holder hangs over the door.  Ideal for storing your board out of sight in the laundry or utility room. It is made from plastic coated metal and is designed to hold a standard ironing board. 22 H x 24.5 W x 11.5 D cm

  • $5.99

    These durable and flexible bright coloured plastic 15 litre tubs are made in NZ.  They have strong moulded handles which make them easy to lift or carry.  Inside there is a measuring rule showing litres, so they are ideal for liquids.  Perfect for the laundry, camping, boating, fishing or simply as a party ice tub for the summer bbq season. Colour choices...

Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items